“We bring the Sunshine into your life”

Our primary service is window cleaning. We use a mixture of traditional methods (using high quality mops and squeegees) for ground floor windows and doors, and the water fed pole method for first and second floor windows. We find that the combination of both methods gives our customers the best clean possible.

Outside water fed window cleaning

Water fed pole window cleaning is a ladderless window cleaning solution for both domestic and industrial needs. It is an environmentally friendly window cleaning solution as it uses natural filtered water and no chemicals. To keep the water as clean and fresh as possible, we empty the tanks daily and we change the water filters on a regular basis as well.

Because our service is ladderless you don’t have to worry about our window cleaners walking on your roof tiles and damaging them.

We supply our own water in the vehicle so you won’t have to go through the hassle of hooking us up to your water supply.

We use plastic anchors that hold the hose away from delicate flowers to prevent damage to your garden.

Your Privacy is Important. Using the water fed pole window cleaning system means no-one will be looking in at the window.

Even velux windows and other hard to reach places are accessible with our extendable water fed pole.