Did You Know?

Ceramic tiles, stone floors and linoleum all need professional cleaning to keep them looking their absolute best.

Clean and well-maintained floors offer greater slip and fall protection. Using the proper cleaning and finishing products, equipment and methods is critical for maintaining the slip-resistance rating of your floor.

Our Commercial, Industrial, Residential floor cleaning services include:

  • Stripping and Waxing
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Sealing
  • Scrubbing

Commercial Floor Cleaning & Floor Waxing

High customer traffic can lead to wear and tear on any type of commercial floor. Here at BRIONIX Cleaning Service we can restore your beautiful commercial flooring no matter the type. We offer a variety of floor maintenance services to get rid of those scuff marks and discolouration's and return your floor to its original high gloss shine.

Floor Waxing

Regular waxing preserves flooring by protecting it from scratches, marks, nicks, spills, and stains. It can also diminish the appearance of grooves and faults in wood flooring. How often a floor should be waxed depends on the type of flooring, the wear and tear present, and the amount of traffic it regularly experiences. Waxing is beneficial to many different types of flooring including concrete, ceramic, vinyl, and more. After waxing, the floor is buffed and polished to shine once again.

Scrub and Wax

Over time, flooring can lose its original glossy look and begin to look extremely dull even with regular waxing. This is because dirt and grime can get waxed into the flooring during each waxing session. To fix this, the flooring needs to be scrubbed, recoated, and waxed. This brings the flooring back to its original luster while also prolonging the need for it to be stripped and waxed. Floors also keep their glossiness for a longer time after scrubbing and recoating, lessening the frequency of waxing.

During a scrub and wax, all of the dirt and soil gets scrubbed off of the top layer of the floor finish before being rinsed to get rid of remaining residue and left to dry. Then the flooring can be recoated and waxed. A scrub and wax is only needed when the flooring stops responding to waxing and polishing treatments.

Floor Tile Cleaning

Did You Know?

Why should I get tile & grout professionally cleaned?

High traffic gradually dulls the floors and the grout becomes dark with dirt. Regular mopping only removes surface-level dirt and often leaves residual dirt in the grooves of the grout. This is particularly troublesome if your tile flooring has not been properly sealed as grout is highly porous.